With our Advanced Learning pedagogy, we aim to stretch our students beyond the IP syllabus and prime them for what is required at the A-Level exams. With a focus on building the right conceptual foundation and application skills, our IP Science programme is rigorous and strives to produce academic excellence. 

This programme is suitable for all secondary schools in Singapore offering the Integrated Programme (IP), including:

Hwa Chong Institution; Nanyang Girls' High School; Raffles Girls' School (Secondary); Raffles Institution (Secondary); Anglo-Chinese School (Independent);   Catholic High School; Cedar Girls' Secondary School; CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School; Dunman High School;  Methodist Girls' School;  National Junior College; River Valley High School; Singapore Chinese Girls’ School; St. Joseph’s Institution; Temasek Junior College; Victoria School; NUS High School of Mathematics and Science


Key Features: 

  • Content Mastery.  We ensure that students are able to deepen their understanding of science concepts
  • Applications to real-world:  The questions are designed to expose students to unfamiliar contexts while our in-class discussions will challenge students to study the impacts of science on society
  • Skills-based approach to problem-solving:  Students adopt the DF3 critical thinking model to problem-solving, with a greater focus on mathematical expressions to communicate difficult concepts
  • Exams focused:  Assessment and feedback to condition for exams and monitor progress, focused on equipping students with the necessary foundation to excel at GCE 'A' levels. 

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