Indigo IP English is a balanced programme where we establish a high standard of the English Language and impart the key skills needed to approach comprehension and essay writing. As our IP students have the opportunity to be stretched, we focus on language inference, context dissection and critical thinking skills.

Our aim is to prepare our IP students for the General Paper A-Level exam. 


The IP English Excellence Programme is specially designed to help IP students to cope with the high demands of Language Arts at the lower secondary level as well as expository writing and comprehension skills at the Upper Secondary level.

Our robust English programme helps students break down essay writing structures and comprehension skills into manageable forms. We provide a comprehensive method of practicing and improving English with the aim of empowering students to approach the English language with confidence.

Programme Structure:

  • Develop critical thinking skills through the integrated study of English and Literature alongside practical criticism
  • Strengthen Narrative Writing & Expository Writing skills
  • Deepen Comprehension skills through Inferential, summary, factual and Application questions
  • Expand and broaden knowledge through increased exposure and analysis of current affairs

Key Features:

  • Lower Secondary - Our Language Arts component seeks to equip Sec 1-2 IP students to have a critical appreciation of unseen poems and prose as well as a sound understanding of the narrative and expository writing structures.
  • Upper Secondary - Specially designed for Sec3-4 IP students to be equipped with the skills and structure required of expository writing for ‘A’ level H1 General Paper. It seeks to impart them the techniques for answering comprehension questions and to infuse current affairs into teaching and learning, thus laying a strong foundation for H1 General Paper at GCE ‘A’ level.
  • Current Affairs across all levels - A unique component featured in each level's programme, it provides vast content that can be used in exams, and expose students to pertinent world events that are happening around them.

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