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Advanced Teaching - 2 specialised teachers for each paper

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Receive quality teaching and materials developed by our specialised curriculum team, review and refined every term

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We prepare you for scholarship and help your child get into top universities

Indigo Sec IP - Building a solid foundation for your child to excel in the 'A' Levels Examinations

Students in the Integrated Programme are not required to sit for the O-Level examinations at the end of secondary school. At Indigo, we focus on Advanced Learning - making use of this opportunity to gradually expose our students to the advanced levels demanded by the A-Level exams. Our programmes are geared towards: 

  1. Helping students gain a strong academic footing in English, Mathematics and Science
  2. Exposing them to more challenging concepts based on what they need to know at the A-Level exams

Even without the O-Level exams, Indigo IP sets a high standard for all students and strives for academic excellence. 

Enjoy quality lessons that suits your busy schedules

  • The only centre with 7am Weekend Sun-riser Class
  • General Replacement & Lessons on Public Holidays and School Vacation

IP subjects:

IP EnglishIP MathematicsIP Science

MORE subjects coming soon in 2020!

IP Lower Sec Science | IP Chemistry | IP Physics

Preparing for J1 in 2020?

You can now indicate your interest to secure a seat for our 2020 slots! Book yours early to avoid disappointment.

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Get that Distinction

You last chance to Reverse you Fate! Get your desired grades with the right amount of academic rigour you need for your exam. Customised, exam-oriented programmes to help you prepare for you end-of-year examinations!

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Get premium access, know about your child's term dates, general replacement, seminars, intensive periods and many more!

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Orange Intensive 2019

Indigo Orange Intensive Package 2019 for 'O' & 'A' Levels is BACK!

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Parent Seminar(JC/Sec IP Level)

Click here to read about our upcoming seminars for JC/Secondary IP Level

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