Our Secondary Express programme covers both Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. At Indigo Express, we ensure that our students gain a strong foundation in both to help them cope with the progressive requirements throughout secondary school. 


Mathematics as a progressive subject requires students to internalise and master a preceding topic before understanding subsequent topics. As such, students often "fall behind" once they fail to fully comprehend a topic.

We have developed a recursive approach to our curriculum that allows us to identify and help students who are weak in particular topics. 

Key Features: 

  • We provide concise and succinct notes and expose students to questions of varying difficulty, throughout all topics
  • Frequent in-class 20 minute tests to help identify students' strengths and weaknesses, hone exam taking skills and to internalize what they have learnt
  • Highly encourage students to practice higher level questions in order to sharpen mathematical intuition and confidence in approaching school work

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