The Indigo Express programme is exam focused, and specially designed to help students cope with the high demands of the Secondary 1-4 Express English Curriculum based on the Revised O-Level syllabus, so as to assist them in getting into the desired Junior Colleges, or Polytechnic programme of their dreams.

At the end of the journey, we seek to empower students to pursue higher education at choice schools. This is done by:


  • A rigorous curriculum, benchmarked against top Singapore Schools; and
  • Timely assessment and feedback for sustained academic excellence. 


Mathematics as a progressive subject requires students to internalise and master a preceding topic before understanding subsequent topics. As such, students often "fall behind" once they fail to fully comprehend a topic.

We have developed a recursive approach to our curriculum that allows us to identify and help students who are weak in particular topics. 

Key Features: 

  • DF3 Model: Emphasis on fundamentals and application of skills - Learning math through core concepts, students will be able to enjoy and understand the topics better rather than rote learning
  • Curriculum designed to meet the students’ needs: Progressive curriculum, with practice of increasing  difficulty to build the child’s confidence in the subject.  Concise notes will be given to aid the classroom instruction and students’ revision
  • Diagnostic Test:  We have termly tests to monitor the students’ improvements and identify areas that the students are weak in
  • Application Focused:  In line with MOE syllabus, we have been tackling application-based questions to show the relevance of Mathematics in real life scenarios

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Lui Huiliang

Math Curriculum Head – Indigo Group

•DSTA Overseas Scholar

•MSc (Berkeley)

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Trevor Lum

Head, Student Affairs (Sec IP) ; Senior Tutor, Mathematics – Indigo Group

•BA (USC Berkeley)