The Indigo Express programme is exam focused, and specially designed to help students cope with the high demands of the Secondary 1-4 Express English Curriculum based on the Revised O-Level syllabus, so as to assist them in getting into the desired Junior Colleges, or Polytechnic programme of their dreams.


The Indigo Express' programme is conducted using the same academic rigour and intensity of our IP Programme. This way, we help students build a robust foundation beyond the comforts of O-Level English. Together with our critical thinking structure, they are primed to stay ahead of the rest and consistently make breakthroughs in their language journey. Further, we specifically tailor our materials to suit students' examination schedule so that our specially selected tutors are able to incorporate relevant skills required in a timely manner.

      Programme Structure:

  • Sharpen critical thinking and essay writing skills through using a genre approach
  • Acquire editing skills to correct grammatical errors and improve situational and continuous writing
  • Reinforce Comprehension skills, using a language arts approach. Students will concentrate on answering of factual, inferential and summary questions based on visual, narrative, personal recount and argumentative texts
  • Strengthen oral communication and listening skills
  • Improve their command of the English language through infusing current affairs and simultaneously expanding vocabulary


      Key features: 

  • Language Arts - Taught in our lower secondary classes, this component introduces a new set of skills needed to unpack English literature whilst reinforcing good language skills.
  • Current Affairs - A unique component featured in each level's programme, it provides vast content that can be used in exams, and expose students to pertinent world events that are happening around them.

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