Designed by experienced MOE GEP Math teacher, reviewed by Head of Department (Math) & A. Supervisor of Marking, PSLE (Math), our mathematics curriculum is a comprehensive program, which includes the entire MOE syllabus, Problem solving Skills, Heuristics, coupled with higher order thinking questions to stretch the minds of the brightest kids for distinction (A/ A*) and beyond.


Being distinction (A/ A*) focused, we teach students on how to tackle the PSLE paper effectively and efficiently – use of Heuristics and Problem solving skills. All word problems are distilled into categories such that students can easily identify the correct methodology to solve it.

Key Features for Distinction (A / A*)

  • Extension from Concrete-Pictorial to Abstract Learning
    - Teaching of Math concepts by topics;
    - Introduction to in-depth explanation on use of math heuristics in solving problems effectively.
  • Heuristics-focused practices
    - Explicit teaching of problem-solving strategies such as Unit & Parts; Drawing a diagram / model; Tabulating / guess and check; Work backwards
  • Exam-oriented / Higher-Order Practices
    - Regular practices that are aligned to the latest MOE syllabus and testing requirement (new PSLE testing requirement in 2018)
    - GEP/ Non-routine questions and challenging problem sums to develop / stretch critical thinking skills.
  • Relevant Assessment and Performance Monitoring on ability to apply problem-solving strategies in timed conditions.

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Lui Huiliang

Head, Assessment & Analytics; Head, JC Math & Physics

  • M.Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  • B. Science (Engineering), UC Berkeley
  • DSTA scholar

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Alda Lim

Deputy Principal (Primary); Head, Curriculum Studies (Primary)

  • Head of Branch (MOE HQ, Planning Division)
  • Former Vice Principal Designate
  • Head of Department (MOE, Science)
  • A. Supervisor for Marking, PSLE Science
  • Chief Presiding Examiner, PSLE
  • Master of Arts (Education), NTU
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • B. Business (Honours, Banking), NTU