Indigo Primary prepares students to score Distinctions (A or A*) in PSLE English, Mathematics and Science through:
. Intimate knowledge of exam. requirements and
. Close Assessment and Performance Monitoring. 

Headed by Our Principals – Cedric Chai and Alda Lim, each with 20 years of vast teaching experience - MOE Future Leaders Program (FLP); Authors (SG 1st Science Answering Technique Guidebook~);VP Designate (MOE); Head of Branch (MOE HQ); HODs (Schools); A. Supervisor of PSLE Marking#, Chief Invigilators; Chief Presiding Examiners; multiple Education related award winners, our Primary programmes are pedagogically sound with a strong emphasis on academic results.

#ASM – Supervises school teachers (including GEP teachers, HODs) in the marking of PSLE Scripts
~SG 1st - LiSC Answering Technique Guidebook (available at all public libraries since 2010)

Unique Points

‘Distinction (Top 20% of Nation/ Cohort) with purpose and Meaning’ is our core. We achieve that through Three Key Features:

  • An Integrated approach to Knowledge acquisition - Key notes; Manipulatives Experiments and Template
  • A Skills, Processes and Application centred curriculum - Answering Technique (Sc - SG 1st), Process Skills, Heuristics, Writing Skills, Comprehension and Component Skills
  • Performance Monitoring and Assessment focused - Apps, Analytics, Customised Solutions


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