Parent Seminar(Sec Express Level)

02 Mar 2019

Secondary Parent Seminars

All Indigo and non-Indigo parents and students are welcomed

Secondary 3 Subject Combination

What will be covered?

  • Which combination works best for your child?
  • How will it affect your child's JC Subject combinations?
  • What are the "Must Take" Subjects?
  • Getting into Special Programmes

Date: Friday 26 Jul 7.30pm (in English)
Venue: Balmoral Plaza

Preparing for 'O'Levels 2019

2018 ‘O’ Level Result Analysis and Implications

What will be covered?

  • Education landscape and 2018 ‘O’ Level results analysis
  • Latest ‘O’ Level syllabus and exam requirements for English and Mathematics
  • Challenges your child may face in scoring the desired L1R5 and how to help

Date: Friday 30 Aug 7.30pm (in English)
Venue: Balmoral Plaza

Date: Saturday 31 Aug 7.30pm (in Mandarin)
Venue: Goldhill Plaza