Parent Seminar(JC/Sec IP Level)

01 Jan 2019

Read about our upcoming Parent Seminar!

Preparing for 'A' Levels 2019

GCE ‘A’ Level result analysis and its implications

Gain insights of :

  • Analysis of each JC's A'Level subject performance
  • Understand the rigour of A Level syllabus & curriculum, paying special attention to H1GP, H1/H2 Economics & H2 Mathematics.
  • How do varying standards of Secondary IP English/Math curriculum account for differing standards of the ultimate A'Level Examination results?

Seminars held in both English & Mandarin, Registe here!

Date: Friday 6 Sep 7.30pm (in English)
Venue: Balmoral Plaza

Date: Saturday 7 Sep 7.30pm (in Mandarin)
Venue: Goldhill Plaza

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