Ace with B. C. D!

24 Apr 2019

Empowering your child for Academic Success

How can your child ACE and be the top?

  • Benchmark - Find out how your child is performing in comparison to his/her peers and school cohort

  • Calibrate - Know where your child stands and understand his/her relative performance

  • Diagnose - Through easy monitoring, understand the trend of your child's academic performance and received tailored solutions for each subject

what are you waiting for? Begin your journey with PAM Today!

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How to use PAM?

  1. Search & Download "PAM App" on your Apple or Play store

  2. Create/Login to your account
    *All our current Indigo-Primary students will have an account specially prepared for you. Login details will be emailed to you upon launch date (24th April 2019)

  3. Term Test Results Release- only for Indigo Students
    All Indigo-Primary students will be able to access your child's recent Indigo Term Test result!

  4. Input your child's school test score to start your very first performance monitoring journey! Find out your child's average score, calibrated score and get tailored advice based on your child's results!

Benchmark & find out where your child stands against his/her score & the avaerage of the cohort/school

Calibrate & know your child's relative performance and gain insights and overview of his/performance across subjects

Dignose & get tailored solutions based on your child's results as you carefully strategize in order to help your child excel!