JC 2 GP Lesson Arrangement (T4 2018)

18 Sep 2018

Download letter here

JC2 GP Lesson Arrangement for Term 4 2018

In lieu of the ‘A’ Levels study break and the end of Indigo’s academic year, students are required to attend an additional lesson in T4W2 in replacement of T4W5.

Additionally, to allow more revision time for our J2s, all regular GP students must complete their final term with us by the 26 October – the last GP regular lesson will be held on Thursday, 25 October. For students, whose lessons are scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (26, 27 and 28 October), please book your replacement slot via our Eventbrite Links. Full instructions call be found in the following page. Kindly note that the time slots listed in the following page for T4W4 are in addition to the existing weekday timeslots.

For all students who have been signed up for the Orange and Red package please take note:

  • To fulfil your 35 lesson or 20 lesson package, your final lessons may not end on the 25th of October.
  • Please refer to your separate copy of the Orange or Red timetable for the dates and times of these final lessons. If you have further enquiries, please approach our front desk staff.

Once again, all instructions, links and passwords to the Eventbrite platform can be found in the letter attached. Due to popularity of certain time slots and limited seating, we require you to register for a time slot.