Indigo in the USA

07 Dec 2018

  1. Indigo Education Group (“Indigo’) is delighted to announce that it has entered into a partnership with California Crosspoint Academy (“CCA”), a private school located in California, United States of America. This alliance between Indigo and CCA sees both education institutions coming together to jointly provide quality education to all students, in Singapore, United States of America, and other parts of Asia.

  2. This partnership will first see both education institutions coming together to establish a learning centre in the United States of America, based on Indigo’s pedagogy and expertise in the development of Mathematics and Science materials. Further, Indigo will also draw on CCA’s deep expertise in the area of designing and developing student enrichment programmes to design bespoke student enrichment programmes for Indigo’s students in Singapore, and other parts of Asia. More importantly, both parties will also combine their expertise in academic curriculum development to establish educational institutions to benefit students all across Asia. Finally, both parties also intend to establish a teachers’ training programme, to further develop and up-skill all educators in Singapore, and in other parts of Asia.

  3. In explaining the rationale for this alliance, Mr. Samuel Lim, the principal of Indigo says: “We are excited to be working with California Crosspoint Academy as both education institutions do have shared values of distinction, passion and dynamism. We believe that this unprecedented alliance between two leading educational institutions in Singapore and America will further increase the range, depth, and quality of education services to be offered by both Indigo and California Crosspoint Academy, and allow both centres to scale greater heights”.

  4. Robin Hom, Superintendent of California Crosspoint Academy adds: “Our school brings together the best teaching practices of East and West in order to provide a world-class academic program. Our strategic alliance with the quality educators of Indigo Group will further our mission to make academic excellence accessible to students throughout Asia. We look forward with great anticipation to the wonderful results that will blossom from our cooperative efforts.”

  5. Indigo is a learning centre with a mission to make education relevant and sustainable for students from Primary 1 to JC 2. Indigo helps students achieve their desired outcomes and lay deep foundations for their tertiary education. Individual student’s personality orientation is taken into account, so that students can learn more effectively. Parents can enjoy the peace of mind. Consistently, Indigo graduating cohorts attained high number of distinctions at national examinations, with most subjects doubling the national distinction rate. Indigo inspires students to Go Further – distinctive beyond distinction. To be passion-driven and relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

  6. Established in 1979, California Crosspoint Academy is an award-winning, internationally renowned middle and high school that consistently ranks among the top 0.5% in the United States. The comprehensive, college preparatory program consistently produces students of character and distinction. In recognition of the quality of the education that CCA has been providing to its students, CCA has twice been awarded the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award, the highest educational honour in the nation.

  7. Please call Samuel Lim, Group Principal, Indigo at 9649 6457, and Robin Hom, Superintendent, at 1-510-995-5333, for more information.