Indigo x Eu Yan Sang Singapore!

13 Nov 2019

Indigo x Eu Yan Sang Singapore

We are proud to announce that the INDIGO Education Group (founded in 2011) has launched an exclusive partnership with prominent Traditional Chinese Medicine group Eu Yan Sang ( 余仁生)

To celebrate this occasion, Eu Yan Sang will be giving all INDIGO students enrolled in Term 1 of 2020 a free EU Rewards Membership card worth $15, as well as up to $330 worth of Eu Yan Sang vouchers! Enjoy discounts, cash backs, exclusive event previews and many other perks! This partnership is in line with our goal to ensure that our students are healthy both mentally and physically.

If you are interested to apply for this exclusive Eu Rewards card,please contact
62536869/ 66342208 / 96693441 / 96496457

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AY 2020 Discounts

Early Bird promotion!
You will also enjoy an early bird discount of $100 if you sign up for Term 1 2020 before 30 November 2019

Referral Rewards
For former Indigo students enrolled since 2011, you will still be entitled to referral fees when you refer any students who sign up for the new academic year

Power Pack Discount
Discounts are available for those who sign up for more than one subject

Sibling Plus Discount
Siblings who sign up will be entitled to a sibling discount