Indigo L.I.F.E

29 Mar 2020

Dear parents/ students of Indigo

We are proud to announce the launch of IndigoLIFE, where quality education meets the comfort of your own home.

Indigo's digitalised tuition classes

IndigoLIFE is a three part online based learning management system where existing Indigo students will continue to access a digitalised form of our high quality, academic focused tuition classes.

4 hours programme instead of 2 hours tuition programme

We are aware that students' after school activities have been cut significantly. Many of these activities such as competitions, CCAs and exchange programmes may continue later in the year and our students will be busier than before. To continue to help them keep pace and to use the next 1 month wisely, we have designed a 5-6 hour programme instead of the usual 2 hours tuition programme for our students.

Structure of lessons

The three parts to the online lessons are :

Part A : Watch the 2 hour pre-recorded online class video (re-watch it if needed)

Part B : Complete assignments for the sessions to check on learning gaps (submit to tutors for marking/assessing)

Part C : Live consultations with tutors to clarify doubts (1-2 hours)

Benefits of IndigoLIFE

The online lessons are designed to prepare students academically and to stay ahead in Term 2. They are planned to help students to stay in the lead with the upcoming formative assessments and mid year examinations in May.

Online Consultation Schedule

If you have any questions, please call us at 6634 2208 / 9755 4359 or email us at

We look forward to meeting you on the virtual space.