Headstart Series for Primary 1-6(2020)

16 Oct 2019

Stay ahead and stay competitive with our Advanced Learning Bootcamps - Suitable for all Primary 1-6 (2020) students

Primary 1/2

  • English - The Jolly Christmas Postman Letters

    Foundational sentence writing skills | Active Reading Skills Honing Presentation(show and tell) skills
    In this class, we will meet the Jolly Postman who will deliver greetings to Baby Bear, Red Riding Hood and Humpty Dumpty! Through this book study, P1 and P2 students will plan a Christmas party where their foundation language skills will be reinforced.
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  • Mathematics

    The Jolly Christmas Postman Letters (Mathematics)
    How is Mathematics involved when planning a Christmas Party? Apply and make sense of Lower Primary Mathematics topics as we plan a Christmas Party with the Jolly Postman!
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Primary 3/4

  • English - Wonder

    Active reading and effective communication | Comprehension inferential skills 
    Using wonder as a mentor text, students will learn active reading skills for comprehension, read paired text for comparison and express themselves with clarity in writing
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Primary 5/6

  • English - Composition and Oral speaking skills

    Master writing skills with our proven methods founded on Indigo's Director Approach. Through proven techniques required for your exam, focusing on vivid description. Gain knowledge & exposure to commonly tested topics! Help your child write with confidence!
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