Economics Assessment Programme (EAP)

06 Aug 2018

Print Edition

To enhance students’ confidence and readiness in Promotional Examinations, Indigo has specially designed ‘Economics Assessment Programme (EAP)’ that focuses on providing feedback on students’ work and examination tips. This programme targets at helping students with their exam skills, sharpening their focus on question requirements, answer structure, answering technique. More specifically, students get specific pointers to improve their answers to an A-grade.

Each assessment package consists of the following:

  • An assessment paper containing 2 essays and 1 case study under a topic
  • 2 Individual student’s reports on mastery of content and skills
  • 3-hr Post-assessment workshop

Assessment packages available are shown below:

For a limited period, Indigo Economics students will enjoy the concessional rate of $42.80 per package (limited to 2 packages).

For a limited period, all Indigo Non-Economics students will enjoy a one-time rate of $42.80 for one package!!

Call In @ 66342208/98521836 or Email us @ to purchase the assessment packages.