Chemistry Workshops (S3/4 IP & Express)

28 Apr 2019

Secondary 3/4 IP & Express Chemistry Workshops - JUNE 2019

Organic Chemistry 3 June - 5 June 2019 (9am - 1pm)

Having difficulty understanding and scoring for Organic Chemistry?

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  • Mastering Organic Chemistry with our specially crafted 3-part programme
  • Learn the know-hows to answering Organic questions well!
  • Sign up for individual parts to be Master of One, or simply sign up for all to be the Ultimate Master of Organic Chemistry!
    Part I: 3rd June, Monday (9am-1pm) Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Isomerism

    Part II: 4th June, Tuesday (9am-1pm) Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids
    Part III: 5th June, Wednesday (9am-1pm) Macromolecules, Organic Chemistry in a nutshell

Mole Calculation 12 June 2019 (9am - 1pm)

What is Mole Calculation?

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  • Mole calculations and concepts simplified in 4 hours!
  • Is it ok to say I want to buy one mole of eggs? Or is the word “mole” only used in Chemistry?
  • Find out more in this workshop!

Electrochemistry 13 June 2019 (9am - 12pm)




  • Master electrochemistry in 3 hours!
  • Electrochemistry concepts split up into bite-sized information for easy understanding.
  • Mastering the approach to ace electrochemistry questions during examinations!

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