AY2020 IP Programme - Sec 1 to Sec 4 students

23 Sep 2019

Indigo IP Programme

Taking a 6 year-through train IP programme? Excel with Indigo IP programme specially designed to cater to all Singapore IP Schools! Excel with Indigo IP Programme and stay ahead with our Advanced Learning!

Click here to view Indigo IP Programme 2020 brochure

IP subjects offered

  • IP English/Language Arts/GP Foundation
  • IP Mathematics
  • IP Science
  • IP Chemistry
  • IP Physics

Other programmes offered

  • Literature Bootcamps
  • Advanced Leanring/Headstart Programmes
  • Holiday/Modular Intensive Programmes

To register, you may

  1. Fill in our Indigo Student Enrolment for 2020 form below
  2. Call/email us