Headstart Series for Secondary 1(2020)

18 Sep 2019

Stay ahead and stay competitive with our Advanced Learning Bootcamps - 2-part series specially catered to all current 2019 Primary 6 students going to Secondary 1 in 2020. Suitable for both IP/Express students.

Secondary 1 IP/Express English/Literature Arts

  • Literature Book Study - Animal Farm / Lord of the Rings
    Develop and cultivate a passion in reading
    Understand how to annotate literature text meaningfully
    Appreciate the use of literacy devices in discourse

  • Mastering Paper 1 & 2 -Textual Comprehension Analysis,Summary Skills, Current Affairs
    Appreciate literary analysis and understand different genres (Narrative/Expository/Argumentative Essay Writing)

Secondary 1 IP/Express Mathematics

  • Can you crack the code (I)? - An introduction to Algebra
    Build a solid foundation and learn the fundamental concepts of algebra. Be familiar with it through activities, games and exploration guided by the teacher. End the series by cracking the ultimate algebra code!

  • Can you crack the code (II)? - Integers and Number System
    Build a solid foundation and learn the fundamental concepts of number system. Develop strategies to recognise and identify various examination question types. Acquire mathematical skills through a series of activities guided by the teacher to solve puzzles and crack the ultimate code!

Secondary 1 IP/Express Science

  • Crime scene investigation - Discover science through solving crimes
    An introduction the three branches of science - Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
    Become crime scene investigators and learn to solve crimes professionally. Grasp key concepts as you discover how science play a major role in the investigation!

  • Lower Secondary Science - Practical and Graphing Skills
    Acquire critical concepts and examination skills as we prepare your child for the secondary 1 science syllabus!

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