2019 ‘A’ Level Results - Our students have done it again!

25 Feb 2020

We are proud to share with you the outstanding results obtained by Indigo’s students in the 2019 ‘A’ Level Examinations!

Our students have attained excellent results in General Paper (GP), H2 Economics and H2 Mathematics:

  • 60% of students achieving distinction for GP (historical national average ~25%)
  • 72% of students achieving distinction for Economics (historical national average ~42%)
  • 60% of students achieving distinction for Mathematics (historical national average ~50%)

Further, more than 85% scored either A or B in GP, Economics and Mathematics! This is our 9th consecutive year of academic excellence, and this bears testimony to our robust curriculum and effective pedagogy.

Indigo students have consistently done well, regardless of where they come from! In 2019, apart from our students from Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Institution, our students from Anderson-Serangoon JC, Anglo- Chinese JC, Catholic JC, Dunman High School, Eunoia JC, Jurong-Pioneer JC, Nanyang JC, National JC, River Valley High School, St Andrew’s JC, Tampines-Meridian JC, Temasek JC, Victoria JC and Yishun-Innova JC have all done extremely well!

We would like to thank all our parents and students for their continuing support in Indigo. Be it 7am classes, intensive ‘Orange’ and ‘Red’ lessons or through our special holiday programmes, we will continue to work hard and bring our students to even greater heights in 2020!

我们很荣幸地与您分享Indigo 学生在2019 年A 水准考试中所取得的优异成绩!

我们的学生在英文GP、H2 经济学和H2 数学方面取得了优异成绩,成绩如下:

  • 60% 的 学生 GP 获得A(全国平均A 率: 25%左右)
  • 72% 的 学生 经济学取得A (全国平均A 率: 42%左右)
  • 60% 的学生数学获得A(全国均A 率:约50%)

此外,超过85%的学生的GP、经济学和数学三科的成绩取得A 或B 的好成绩!这是我们连续第九年取得优异成绩 ,这证明了我们的课程设置和教学方法都是高效的。

我们Indigo 的学生一直做得很好,不管他们来自哪所学校。2019 年,除了华初和莱初,我们的学生还 来自于安 德森-实龙岗初院、英华初院、德明初院、公教初院、诺亚初院、裕廊先锋初院、南洋初院、 国家初院、立华高中 、圣安德鲁初院、美廉初院 、淡马锡初院、维多利亚初院和义顺初院等,他们都 非常努力。

我们要感谢所有的家长和学生对Indigo 长期以来的支持。而我们也将继续努力,通过全方位设置的日 常班课程, 早上7 点的课程,“橙色”和“红色”的强化课程,以及假期集训课程,帮助我们的学生在 2020 年考试中取得更 优异的学业成绩!

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