Our Story

Indigo began in 2011 when two teachers and a human resource practitioner met. What brought them together is their passion and deep interest in education.  

The two MOE teachers dreamt of starting a learning centre to build upon their pedagogy, one that had been proven by the strong academic results their students achieved in schools. They wanted to make their pedagogy available to more students, beyond the confines of one or two schools.

The HR practitioner was determined to resolve what he observed to be a perplexing and deeply troubling anomaly: academically bright hires who showed limited effectiveness at work. The knowledge they acquired in the university was too textbook-based. His years of corporate experience in talent management convinced him that to thrive in today’s environment, an individual needs to be emotionally resilient and possess high energy level, with the capacity for self-directed and practical-oriented learning. These are traits and habits formed during the first 12 years of a person’s education.

When the trio met, their conviction about education gave rise to Indigo. Indigo is a learning centre with a mission to make education relevant and sustainable for students from Primary 1 to JC 2. Indigo helps students achieve their desired outcomes and lay deep foundations for their tertiary education. Individual student’s personality orientation is taken into account, so that students can learn more effectively. Parents can enjoy the peace of mind.

Over the past years, Indigo has assembled a growing team of energetic and highly skilled tutors. The team is passionate about sharing their knowledge and motivating students to be self-driven learners, using proven pedagogical tools and enriching teaching materials.

Indigo’s enrolment has grown exponentially. In 2017, a new milestone has been reached with the opening of the flagship centre at Balmoral Plaza.

Since its inception more than 7 years ago, our stellar results have earned us a reputation comfortable among students and parents. 

Indigo’s success to date is evident from the examination results of its students. 

  • Consistently, Indigo graduating cohorts attained high number of distinctions at national examinations, greatly exceeding national averages.
  • Every year, our students go on to enter top Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford and Harvard. In addition, through our personalized university/scholarship application coaching, our students go on to realize their dream by attaining PSC, MOE, SIA and GIC scholarships.

Indigo inspires students to Go Further – distinctive beyond distinction. To be passion-driven and relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

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Indigo Education Group helps students in Asia gain confidence in their abilities and develop their academic and career interests through language mastery. We innovatively fuse the best of educational and corporate practices and leverage on the latest technologies to provide accessible and engaging learning experiences


Our vision is to be the top education hub in Singapore and Asia.


Our values guide us in whatever we do.


We are driven by a desire to be outstanding, and to help our students achieve the best.


We are all educators at heart. Guided by the fundamentals of education, we ensure that true learning takes place in our students


We believe in creating a dynamic environment to offer the best learning experience for our students.