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A key tenet of our pedagogy is the understanding of key concepts and first principles that drive mathematical logic. Like rules of syntax and grammar that govern language, there are mathematical rules that a mathematics student will need to master.

At Indigo JC, we are able to help our students meet that expectation.  


We train our  students to be confident in mathematical logic, and sharp in these concepts for exam-standard application and unfamiliar contexts. This is particularly important with the recently revised A-Level 9758 H2 Mathematics syllabus, which introduces a new focus on the application of math theory into hypothetical scenarios, challenging students to go beyond problem solving and memorising standard formulas.

Our H2 Mathematics Excellence Programme (weekly) helps students build the necessary foundation of mathematics concepts and stretch their potential in the Indigo classroom. Ultimately aiming for proficiency and confidence at school, and in their examinations.

Offered Programmes: 

1. H2 Mathematics Regular Excellence Programme for JC1 and JC2

  • Sharp focus on fluency in first principles and fundamental concepts
  • Advance Learning - tutors stay one chapter ahead of the Junior Colleges. This ensures that the curriculum is comprehensively taught, with ample time for exam revision.
  • Regular in-class assessment to track students’ learning progress
  • Questions given to students are widely sourced and benchmarked to a high standard
  • Added emphasis on application questions
  • Exam planning: students are advised to practice a 12 minute per question target to allow a 30 minute buffer time in their 3 hour exam. 

      2. JC Modular Revision Programmes

  • Revision Programmes are specifically for students to prepare for mid-terms and the A-Level exams
  • We focus on refining content mastery and additional in-class assessments to simulate exam conditions 
  • JC1: June Holiday Modular Revision
  • JC2: Orange Modular Intensive Programme

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Lui Huiliang

Math Curriculum Head – Indigo Group

•DSTA Overseas Scholar

•MSc (Berkeley)