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  • A key tenet of our pedagogy is the understanding of key concepts and first principles that drive mathematical logic. 
  • Like rules of syntax and grammar that govern language, there are mathematical rules that a mathematics student will need to master.
  • At Indigo JC, we are able to help our students meet that expectation.  


  • We train our students to be confident in mathematical logic, and sharp in these concepts for exam-standard application and unfamiliar contexts. 
  • This is particularly important with the recently revised A-Level 9758 H2 Mathematics syllabus that introduces a new focus on the application of math theory into hypothetical scenarios.
  • Challenging students to go beyond problem solving and memorising standard formulas.
  • Our H2 Mathematics Excellence Programme (weekly) helps students build the necessary foundation of mathematics concepts and stretch their potential in the Indigo classroom. 
  • Ultimately, we aim for students to achieve proficiency and confidence at school, and in their examinations.

Offered Programmes: 

H2 Mathematics Regular Excellence Programme for JC1 and JC2

  • Sharp focus on fluency in first principles and fundamental concepts
  • Advance Learning - tutors stay one chapter ahead of the Junior Colleges. 
  • This ensures that the curriculum is comprehensively taught, with ample time for exam revision.
  • Regular in-class assessment to track students’ learning progress
  • Questions given to students are widely sourced and benchmarked to a high standard
  • Added emphasis on application questions
  • Exam planning: students are advised to practice a 12 minute per question target to allow a 30 minute buffer time in their 3 hour exam. 

JC Modular Revision Programmes

  • Revision Programmes are specifically for students to prepare for mid-terms and the A-Level exams
  • We focus on refining content mastery and additional in-class assessments to simulate exam conditions 
  • JC1: June Holiday Modular Revision
  • JC2: Orange Modular Intensive Programme

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Lui Huiliang

Math Curriculum Head – Indigo Group

  • M.Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  • B. Science (Engineering), UC Berkeley
  • DSTA scholar