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General Paper

General Paper (GP) is one of our trademark programmes at Indigo JC. Designed to be the final tier of our Advanced Learning pedagogy, the GP Excellence weekly programme focuses on training our students in effective essay writings skills. Students are taught to express their points critically, coherently and with a demonstration of good standard English.

At the base of these essay writing skills, students will learn how to dissect and interpret current affairs, gain a strong grasp on contextual knowledge and use that to frame an argument that is relevant to the examination question. This foundation is applicable to tackling summaries and application questions as it conditions students to identify key points and to synthesise them efficiently. 


As a H1 subject, we understand that GP tends to be prioritised lower on a busy student’s to-do list. As such, we implement the same rigour throughout our JC1 and JC2 classes. This is designed for those who join us in JC1 to build up a strong foundation over time and for our JC2 students to pick up the pace if they start a little later.

Besides our weekly programme, we offer an intensive programme for JC2 students as they near the A-Level exams. JC2 Orange Intensive Programme begins at the start of term 3 and JC2 Red Intensive Programme begins in September.

      Programme Structure: 

  • Develop effective essay writing skills. Students will undergo a rigorous programme which helps to develop effective essay writings skills necessary for expressing understanding as well as critical and creative thinking through informed personal responses. This will in turn enable them to formulate cogent arguments which show linkage and relevance to the question posed.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to comprehend, explain, infer, evaluate and summarise key concepts, and apply these in their summary writing and application questions.
  • Expand students content knowledge and improve their understanding of current global affairs - necessary to contextualise questions and provide relevant examples in their essay. 
  • Total of 80 questions over a two year period

Online A-La-Carte Essay Submissions: 

We believe in nurturing a passion for learning and encourage our students to be proactive in their education. If they wish to gain more feedback, students can send in their essays and application questions to us via email. Students are also allowed to send in school scripts. We are then able to continuous review their work and give appropriate feedback.

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