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At the A-Level exams, JC Economics students are expected to develop an in-depth academic understanding of the subject and demonstrate their proficiency in applying economic theories to complex real-time global economic events. However, as a popular but unfamiliar subject at Junior College, students may find themselves uncertain of what learning Economics entails. Our aim is not simply to help JC students navigate Economics as an academic subject, but to instill confidence and sharpen examination skills to score distinction in their A-level examinations, as well as to develop their passion to pursue careers and tertiary courses related to Economics and Finance.


Economics goes beyond academics. It is about what happens in the world and how it affects our daily life. Indigo Economics programmes are beyond the regular tuition. Our experienced Economics team emphasizes on equipping JC students with strong content mastery to score distinction in their examinations and nurturing them into well-informed global citizens.

We strive to inculcate the ability to dissect complex real-time economic events, critically evaluate policies and varied questions and hone the necessary skills to be efficient in examinations. Our tutors know what it takes to push our students to achieving their distinctions.

Key Features:

  • Application-based
  • Advanced learning
  • Assessment, analytics and customized solutions

Programmes offered:

  1. Economics Regular A-level Programme (weekly tuition) for JC1 and JC2 students
  • Application-based
    • H2 students gain exposure to 50 essays and 50 case studies per year
    • H1 students gain exposure to 80 case studies per year
  • Content mastery: highly comprehensive, succinct materials to break down abstract economic concepts into digestible form
  • Performance monitoring through mock tests and feedback

      2. Economics Bootcamp for Secondary 3 and 4 students (IP Economics) 

  • Advanced learning of Economics at Junior College, with emphasis on fundamental concepts, principles and economic frameworks
  • Critical thinking skills and current affairs complement IP English and is an early primer for General Paper
  • Experiential learning component: Field Trips and two-day job attachment opportunity

      3. Economics Assessment Programme

  • Analytic-driven performance monitoring with detailed feedback
  • Confidence building through examination conditioning
  • Customised solutions to hone content mastery and/or to strengthen examination skills

      4. Indigo Modular Economics Programme

      With this new way to master the subject, you benefit from having:

  • A customised solution specially tailored to suit your learning needs
  • Greater flexibility to choose specific modules and topics
  • A sense of control over your progress
  • Time (and cost) savings

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      5. Economics Regular IB Programme (weekly tuition) for IB student

  • Content mastery: highly comprehensive, succinct materials to break down abstract economic concepts into digestible forms
  • Application-based with hands-on practice to hone examination skills
  •  Performance monitoring through mock tests and feedback

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Carolina Ip

Economics Curriculum Head – Indigo Group

More than 25 years of teaching experience in NJC, AJC and HCI

Co-author of Indigo Publication

  1. "Applied Economics: 12 Macro Economics Issues"
  2. “Applied Economics: 10 key Markets relevant to Microeconomics”