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At the A-Level exams, students are expected to develop an in-depth academic understanding of Economics and demonstrate their proficiency  after a short two years of study. However, as a popular but unfamiliar subject, new Junior College students may find themselves uncertain of what learning Economics entails. Our aim is not simply to help our students navigate Economics as an academic subject, but to nurture their interest and prime them to achieve the desired distinction.


Economics goes beyond academics. It is about what happens in the world and how it affects our daily life. Our experienced Economics team emphasises on equipping our students with strong content mastery to ace their exams and nurturing them into well-informed global citizens. 

We strive to inculcate the ability to dissect complex real-time economic events, critically evaluate policies and varied questions and hone the necessary skills to be efficient in examinations . Our tutors know what it takes to push our students to achieving their distinction. 

Programmes offered:

  1. Economics Regular Excellence Programme (weekly) for JC1 and JC2 students
  • H2 students gain exposure to 50 essays and 50 case studies, per year
  • H1 students gain exposure to 80 case studies, per year
  • For JC2 students, our tutors complete the entire A-Level syllabus by June to allow 20 weeks of revision before 'A' Level examination
  • Highly comprehensive, succinct materials used to break down abstract economic concepts into digestible forms
  • Our tutors connect Economic concepts to real-time global events, using different contexts to illustrate how Economics works beyond the textbook

      2. JC Modular Revision Programmes

  • Revision Programmes are specifically for students to prepare for mid-terms and the A-Level exams
  • We focus on refining content mastery and additional in-class assessments to simulate exam conditions 
  • JC1: June Holiday Modular Revision
  • JC2: Orange Modular Intensive Programme

      3. Economics Bootcamp for Secondary 3 and 4 students

  • A preview of what Economics is like in Junior College, students will be taught basic economic concepts 
  • Knowledge and skills learnt complement IP English and is an early primer for General Paper as well
  • Experiential learning component: Field Trips and two-day job attachment opportunity

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