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Our conviction : Helping our JC students to excel in the 'A' Level Examinations, thus gaining admission into competitive courses (Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Business & Accountancy) + prestigious local & overseas universities

As the last two years of pre-tertiary education, Junior College demands the highest level of rigour from students. The aim of Indigo JC is to help students hit the ground running, pace themselves academically and ultimately strive for excellence, aiming for their goals with aplomb! We believe that every student has the potential to be stretched and are committed to motivate each and every one actualise their capabilities. 

Over the past eight years we are proud to have established a strong track record, with our graduates securing their desired distinctions!

Indigo JC focuses on building and sharpening the skills that students need to go beyond memorisation and content learning. Our teaching and curriculum development team understand the key requirements of the A-Level exams and what is necessary to excel in Junior College.

Enjoy quality lessons that suits your busy schedules

  • The only centre with 7am Weekend Sun-riser Class
  • General Replacement & Lessons on Public Holidays and School Vacation

JC Subjects

JC General Paper JC Economics JC Mathematics

MORE subjects coming soon in 2020!

JC Chemistry | JC  Physics

Is your child struggling to do well in 'A' Level subjects?

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Indigo RED Intensive Revision

Sep 01, 2019

This is the final push for your GP grade. Enroll in our Red Intensive Package and give your grade the best possible chance to secure an A.

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JC2 Content Subject Topical Modular Programme

Jul 27, 2019

No time for regular tuition? Need help in a specific topic? - We have the answer! Join our Topical Modular Programme 2019!

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Register for J1 2020 classes

Jul 18, 2019

You can now indicate your interest to secure a seat for our 2020 slots! Book yours early to avoid disappointment.

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Get that Distinction

Jun 27, 2019

You last chance to Reverse you Fate! Get your desired grades with the right amount of academic rigour you need for your exam. Customised, exam-oriented programmes to help you prepare for you end-of-year examinations!

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Premium Indigo Member

May 24, 2019

Get premium access, know about your child's term dates, general replacement, seminars, intensive periods and many more!

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JC2 Double Lessons

May 06, 2019

Double Lesson for JC 2 GP students begins now! Register your slot today!

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Parent Seminar(JC/Sec IP Level)

Jan 01, 2019

Click here to read about our upcoming seminars for JC/Secondary IP Level

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Indigo Modular Economics Programme

Dec 16, 2018

A new way of learning economics!

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Paid Trial Classes for JC2 (2019)

Oct 03, 2018

Headstart Programme: We welcome all JC1 students (2018) to trial for our JC2 (2019) classes. Find out why Indigo Students constantly succeed in Junior College and the 'A' Levels.

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Free Trial for JC1 (2019)

Oct 03, 2018

Headstart Programme for H1 GP, H2 Math, H2 Econs: - S4 IP (2018) SMTP GATE, BSP, HP, RA, TDP - S4 IP (2018) students - S4 Express (2018) with DSA confirmed offers to JCs - S4 Express (2018) aspiring to apply for JC.

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