Indigo Junior

Indigo Primary prepares students to score Distinctions (A or A*) in PSLE English, Mathematics and Science through:
. Intimate knowledge of exam. requirements and 
. Close Assessment and Performance Monitoring. 

Headed by Our Principals – Cedric Chai and Alda Lim, each with 20 years of vast teaching experience - MOE Future Leaders Program (FLP); Authors (SG 1st Science Answering Technique Guidebook~);VP Designate (MOE); Head of Branch (MOE HQ); HODs (Schools); A. Supervisor of PSLE Marking#, Chief Invigilators; Chief Presiding Examiners; multiple Education related award winners, our Primary programmes are pedagogically sound with a strong emphasis on academic results.

#ASM – Supervises school teachers (including GEP teachers, HODs) in the marking of PSLE Scripts 
~SG 1st - LiSC Answering Technique Guidebook (available at all public libraries since 2010.

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‘Distinction (Top 20% of Nation/ Cohort) with purpose and Meaning’ is our core. We achieve that through Three Key Features:

  • An Integrated approach to Knowledge acquisition - Key notes; Manipulatives Experiments and Template
  • A Skills, Processes and Application centred curriculum - Answering Technique (Sc - SG 1st), Process Skills, Heuristics, Writing Skills, Comprehension and Component Skills
  • Performance Monitoring and Assessment focused - Apps, Analytics, Customised Solutions

Primary Subjects

English Mathematics Science

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Consult our English & Math Specialist (P3-P6)

Jul 11, 2019

Looking for the best solution? Book a consult with our Math Specialist today! Open to all Primary 3-6 parents and students. *Slots are subjected to availability

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Get that Distinction

Jun 27, 2019

You last chance to Reverse you Fate! Get your desired grades with the right amount of academic rigour you need for your exam. Customised, exam-oriented programmes to help you prepare for you end-of-year examinations!

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Premium Indigo Member

May 24, 2019

Get premium access, know about your child's term dates, general replacement, seminars, intensive periods and many more!

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Ace with B. C. D!

Apr 24, 2019

Know where your child stands & ACE with B. C. D! ..Empowering every child to be the best!

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Parent Seminar (Primary Level)

Mar 15, 2019

Click here to read about our upcoming seminars for Primary Level

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Free Trial for Primary

Jan 24, 2019

Experience REAL LEARNING before signing up!

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Consultation for Distinction (Primary)

Oct 27, 2018

Get A/ A*/ Distinction in Primary/ PSLE English, Maths, Science by clinically identifying your child's subject strengths and Areas for Improvement via consultation with our highly decorated and experienced Principals - Shannon, Cedric and Alda. Book NOW!

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