Indigo GP: The ONLY GP Learning & Enrichment Centre in Singapore. Be more than you ever imagined…

The ONLY GP Learning & Enrichment Centre in Singapore . . . .

  • Curriculum is designed & coordinated by Mr.Samuel Lim, an award winning teacher for inspirational teaching. (Academic Rigour in Curriculum)
  • Taught by only former MOE trained Top 3 JC (HCI, RJC & VJC) teachers with an excellent personal track record. (Quality Control)
  • A didactic pedagogical approach which  emphasises critical thinking and broad-based learning  (Alignment with 8807 Syllabus introduced since 2013)
  • Fusion of Current Affairs & Politics into the teaching of the General Paper gives our students more confidence  in providing concrete examples for
    substantiation in  GP Essay Writing & Application Question (Long term foundation for University Admission & Scholarship interviews)
  • Quality Materials provided for our students, with emphasis on relevant use of content knowledge and application of higher-order
    thinking skills
  • Holistic development of students with our exclusive complimentary 16 PF (Personality test) & coaching by former GIC HR/ interview Managing director & his team of coaches for all new sign ups (Power of Self-Awareness & talent development)

Indigo – a brand of quality & reliability in teaching & learning…  Reverse your fate in GP with Indigo…  Join Indigo Centre for Critical Thinking now for the unrivalled GP  learning and development experiences!

Call 66342208 (City Square Mall- Farrer Park MRT)/  6253 6869 (Goldhill Plaza- Novena MRT) or 96496457 (Non-Office hours) NOW to sign up for Indigo GP tuition!

You may contact the Director of Curriculum Studies via email for further queries.

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Indigo will help you achieve Quality Results

Feeling pessimistic about the future of your H1 GP, H1/H2 Economics & H2 History after the block test? Sign up for Indigo Econs/GP/History tuition. We specialise in GP, Econs and History at ‘A’ levels.

See Indigo’s 2013 ‘A’ level GP & Econs results

Indigo teachers are MOE-trained, who have taught at the top 3 JCs with distinctions in their NIE teaching practice. With such quality control and academic rigour in our curriculum, you are in safe hands.

Call 62536869 or 96496457 to register now!

Samuel on the phone





Samuel Lim
Director, Curriculum Studies


Testimonials from 2013 batch of INDIGO H1 GENERAL PAPER J2 Students with Distinctions

-This is Not an Exhaustive list & they are not edited.  

Indigo’s General Paper Tuition was definitely helpful. I think the current affairs aspect of the programme, where Mr Lim gave us detailed notes were the most helpful, as they were relevant and insightful. Mr Lim also drilled us in the names of Prime Ministers, significant world events amongst many other things that helped to jog my memory every lesson. This allowed me to know the relevant General Paper knowledge at the tip of my fingertips. Overall, I think Indigo has helped me best in improving the examples and essay structures for General Paper.

Jarren Koh Wei Shen, Hwa Chong Institution

Class of 2013 – A in A-Level General Paper

I remember Indigo General Paper tuition for the rigour of the curriculum and drilling of current affairs like Arab Spring which I can apply to the different types of essay questions. This is especially useful since the A level General Paper essay questions are now much more broad-based and not so topical-based.

Lim Hua Chong, National Junior College

Class of 2013 – A in A-Level General Paper

I really appreciate the way it humanises the process of learning General Paper, and Mr Lim should be most credited for it. The constant drilling of necessary pointers to take note of, as well as the weekly bite size current affairs made the entire curriculum a strong and reliable one. I have immensely benefitted from Indigo by equipping myself with a holistic way of thinking issues.

Li Zhong Sheng,  Raffles Institution

Class of 2013 – A in A-Level General Paper

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Term 2 Public Holidays Replacement Classes

There will be replacement classes conducted during the upcoming public holidays in Term 2.

1 May 2014 (Thurs) – Labour Day
13 May 2014 (Tue) – Vesak Day

The replacement time-slots for all public holidays in Term 2 are:

9am – 11am GP (for all, J1 and J2)
11am – 1pm J2 EC (for all J2)
11am – 1pm J1 EC (for all J1)

All classes are conducted at Goldhill.

Content delivered during Public Holidays replacement classes will not be repeated during normal regular lessons.

Due to limited vacancies, please click here to register to ensure a place in the replacement class.

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Seeking to improve your Econs,GP or History grades? Come down to our Indigo Centre for a trial lesson on the following dates below. Call 66342208 to register early OR click here to book your timeslot for the trial lesson.

If your group of friends is unable to attend at any of the designated trial slots, you may call 6634 2208 to arrange for another time slot.

When you come for trial lesson, please proceed to our Front Desk for registration before entering the classroom.


H2 Economics

Term 2 Week 4
15 Apr (Tue) 5 pm @ GH – RI/HCI Humanities
15 Apr (Tue) 6 pm @ United House - All
17 Apr (Thu) 5 pm @ CSM – HCI/NYJC
17 Apr (Thu) 6 pm @ United House - All
18 Apr (Fri) 5 pm @ GH – Mixed
18 Apr (Fri) 5 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC
18 Apr (Fri) 5 pm @ United House - All
19 Apr (Sat) 11 am @ GH – HCI/NYJC
19 Apr (Sat) 11.30 am @ United House - All
19 Apr (Sat) 3 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC
19 Apr (Sat) 4 pm @ CSM – Mixed
20 Apr (Sun) 11 am @ CSM – HCI/NYJC
20 Apr (Sun) 1 pm @ CSM – Mixed
20 Apr (Sun) 3.30 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC

Term 2 Week 5
22 Apr (Tue) 5 pm @ GH – RI/HCI Humanities
22 Apr (Tue) 6 pm @ United House - All
24 Apr (Thu) 6 pm @ United House - All
25 Apr (Fri) 5 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC
25 Apr (Fri) 5 pm @ United House - All
26 Apr (Sat) 11.30 @ United House - All
26 Apr (Sat) 3 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC
26 Apr (Say) 4 pm @ CSM – Mixed
27 Apr (Sun) 11 am @ CSM – HCI/NYJC
27 Apr (Sun) 1 pm @ CSM – Mixed
27 Apr (Sun) 3.30 pm @ GH – HCI/NYJC

H1 Economics

17 Apr (Thu) 7 pm @ CSM – HCI
20 Apr (Sun) 1.30 pm @ GH – Mixed
24 Apr (Thu) 7 pm @ CSM – HCI
27 Apr (Sun) 1.30 pm @ GH – Mixed


19 Apr (Sat) 7.15 pm @ GH
26 Apr (Sat) 7.15 pm @ GH


15 Apr (Tue) 5pm @ GH
17 Apr (Thu) 5 pm @ GH
18 Apr (Fri) 3 pm @ GH
19 Apr (Sat) 1 pm @ GH 19 Apr (Sat) 2 pm @ CSM
20 Apr (Sun) 7 am @ CSM
20 Apr (Sun) 5.30 pm @ GH

22 Apr (Tue) 5pm @ GH
24 Apr (Thu) 5 pm @ GH
25 Apr (Fri) 3 pm @ GH
26 Apr (Sat) 1 pm @ GH
26 Apr (Sat) 2 pm @ CSM
27 Apr (Sun) 7 am @ CSM
27 Apr (Sun) 5.30 pm @ GH

GH : Goldhill Plaza, #03-29
CSM: City Sq Mall, #07-11
United House, Kramat Lane, #05-02 (Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)


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